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Officer Awards Ceremony 2013

                                 Dadeville police initiate recognition program, name officer of year

Dadeville’s first ever police awards ceremony recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of every officer on the force June 27.

“(Lt. Chris Martin) and I got together and decided we needed to do something for the police department,” said Police Chief David Barbour. “It’s never been done. We just wanted to show our appreciation for our officers.”

The department recognized officers for their achievements in firearms training, with the top firearms award going to Reserve Officer Jose Garcia for scoring the best average on three events – combat course, APOSTC qualification course and bullseye course.

“He is a great asset to our department,” Martin told those attending the ceremony. “We recently worked a case of sexual abuse of a child less than 12 in which he was invaluable asset to our department … He helped the Dadeville Police Department to to reach out to the Hispanic community and create bonds between them and the police department that will not be easily broken and set the groundwork for community relations for years to come.”

Tops marksman award was presented to Officer Jason Towne, who scored 270 out of 300 on the bullseye course.

Each officer received commendation bars or ribbons noting their years of services and the service aspects in which they are involved, such as the HAZMAT team or the investigations unit.

The ceremony was also a time to promote Officer Chris McCrane from patrolman to the school resource officer division of the DPD.

Officer of the Year was Sgt. Tyrone Foreman.

“He’s been an outstanding officer,” Barbour said. “He’s approachable. He’s the kind of person you can approach with any type of problem, and he’ll give you an opinion, good bad or indifferent. He’ll offer his guidance.”

Foreman came out of retirement to return to the department part time as sergeant over reserve officers.

“He’s dependable and just a well rounded officer,” Martin said at the ceremony. “He always takes a common sense approach to all decisions, and I still at times find myself asking him for advice.”

Following the ceremony officers and their families were invited to fellowship over a meal.

“I think it was great,” said Sgt. Jonathan Floyd. “Any time you can do something to show someone they’re appreciated, it goes a long way as far as building morale.”

Floyd said he thinks holding an awards ceremony will also promote a team mentality among the officers.

“If you’re going to build an effective organization, you’ve got have that cohesiveness – you have to have that sense of belonging,” Floyd said. “You’ve got to feel like you’re a contributing member to the good of the organization. And I think what we did is a big step in the right direction.”

Officers said they hope the event will continue to grow and receive support from the community.